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I came across a rather unusual feature that had to be implemented; I needed to inject a custom CSS file dynamically based on a certain set of rules to each page (using Chrome Extension’s content-script).

The rules I was asked to consider could not be implemented using match patterns (read more about content-scripts and match patterns in Google’s documentation), so I had to inject a Javascript page that will perform the relevant tests.

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Nearing the end of 2009 I switched jobs to a new location, where I was tasked with building a new web application. The weapons of choice was Google’s, very new to the time, GWT 2.0.

This was my first exposure to Google’s Java-Compiled-JavaScript, and I was hesitant.

Google Web Toolkit (GWT/ˈɡwɪt/) is an open source set of tools that allows web developers to create and maintain complex JavaScript front-end applications in Java.

GWT emphasizes reusable, efficient solutions to recurring Ajax challenges, namely asynchronous remote procedure calls, history management, bookmarkinginternationalization and cross-browser portability.

Wikipedia – GWT

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